Saturday, June 6, 2009

TK Tormiction

Ooh. The Keybearer.
So we have a big good guy (Erekho) going joining with two pretty-much-clueless good guys (Arachne and Zaeron), going on a rescue mission that looks like it's going to get them into even more trouble. So he leaves the other part of his group to get along without him.
They can actually do that pretty well. Until, that is, the second-in-command, Eldonyn, who also happens to be a traitor at one point in the story (watch my words, they can play tricks on you) gets caught by the big bad guy (Sahrain)'s...well I don't know if you can call them henchmen, but they're nasty little inventions of him that can only be destroyed by a very powerful light. Meanwhile, Eldonyn's brother, Lirel (told you he'd be back), goes looking for another person -a cracked hermit named Keril (no I DIDN'T get it from the name 'Carol') -who needs to answer a question for him.
Amazingly enough, he gets there. He gets the answer to the question. He lets his leader know. And then he gets caught. They're the same things that caught his brother.
While we're at it, we'll take a sidestep over to where a metal has helped this Sahrain take over the mind of a pretty important character. While she's being controlled, she removes another character from the scene with a twisted exchange of wills. *sly smile* That character reappears, though...
Back to Erekho's group, there's a traitor among them that they have no idea's there. One of Erekho's sisters is searching for a powerful in a pretty dangerous place. Her twin is quite indisposed -she's the one Erekho's getting, actually.
I just can't let my characters get something accomplished without my story, Kohra, making sure something bad happens to them. So Em saves me from myself, literally (if you read this, you'll know it's myself she saves me from...).


  1. haha! And HAPPY t' do so, I might add. ;-D

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